Health Safety & Environmental

As a construction and infrastructure company, Nidaa Group is committed to the present and future well-being of people and the environment in which we operate.

Nidaa Group has established a Heath Safety and Environmental Program that proactively addresses: the factors that reduce the probability of the accidents which have the potential to cause injury, illness, disablement, and loss of life and property; and the factors that reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

  • It establishes and communicates the list of objectives to be achieved
  • It establishes the safety, health and environmental guidelines, expectations, and responsibilities for our operations
  • It outlines the expected components of the Safety Management System to be utilized
  • It outlines the responsibilities and duties of our team and subcontractors' teams conducting operations
  • Is intended to be a reference guide to be utilized during all phases of our operations

The HSE programme goals are:

For People:

  • To take measures to minimize injuries, illness, and health impairment of people involved in carrying out the construction activities
  • To educate and train the employees so that they are able to identify and eliminate prevailing unsafe practices
  • To educate and motivate the employees so that they can be aware of their own safety, health and well-being as well as their responsibility towards each other and the environment

For Environment:

  • To minimize degradation of the general environment in and around the construction site by controlling probable situations which have the potential to adversely have a negative impact on the environment
  • To minimize undue wastage of material resources including water, cleaning materials and solvents, fuel, and electrical energy required for the construction activities
  • To ensure compliance with all HSE related laws, rules and regulations and be good responsible corporate citizens


Health Safety and Environmental Manual

Click here to access the complete text of our HSE Manual.

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